Egor Buimister

Egor Buimister (b.1997 in Riga, Latvia) is a contemporary Latvian artist working predominantly in painting and drawing techniques. 

A harrow weeds the field, not caring for the toads underneath. The harrow of time weeds the field of history, not caring for those broken down or corrupted underneath. The artist, however, does care — I do care, and throwing away black earth, the instruments of my work: brush, paint and canvas, shed light on the faces long gone. Wether they belonged to people once living or characters of paintings once hung in museums, they transform and come back, though changed, their emanations reflected upon the retina of my eyes. Piece by piece, I paint the faces whom I detest or admire, whose outlines and shadows create a peculiar new look in which my own image protrudes — and every moment my art digs deeper into the unknown, striving to enter those chthonic realms of the memory and time in which, staggering from haunting recognition, it will discover its last model’s face.


2016 2019— BA (Hons) Painting, Camberwell College of Arts (London, United Kingdom)

2019 2021— MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College (London, United Kingdom)

Selected Exhibitions


           — Some Ghost Stories (Riga, Latvia)

           — Con-Non-Con (Riga, Latvia)


           — Young Contemporaries (London, United Kingdom)

           — Timespace Discovery (Riga, Latvia)

           — Orbit UK Graduates Art Show (London, United Kingdom)

           — Camberwell Degree Show (London, United Kingdom)

           — P2 (London, United Kingdom)


           — New Camberwell Art (London, United Kingdom)

           — AAF Hampstead (London, United Kingdom)

           — Over Capacity (London, United Kingdom)


           — Siltais Zimulis (Riga, Latvia)


          — Riga Art Fair (Riga, Latvia)


           — Alef (Riga, Latvia)

Art Publications

 — Ķekargalvis / Hydra Head (Popper Publishing, Riga)

 — SE5 Magazine, Issue 1: Talent (SE5 Magazine, London)


— We Will All Die by the Sun (FreeCity Riga)

— For I understand thine age-old sadness: Spirits, Soviet Underground art and practices of radical distrust (The Epiphanie)

— Kabakov “Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future” (The Epiphanie)

— Notes on the First Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art (BLOOME Magazine)

— “Book of Nineteen Nocturnes” by Jim Holyoak (BLOOME Magazine)

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