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Egor Buimister (1997) is a contemporary Latvian artist mainly working in painting and drawing techniques.

Egor’s visual art practice, which is heavily influenced by literature, is based on the concepts of nature, memory, religion and mysticism. His art focuses on the themes of transgression, sacred imagery and memory. It studies emanations, silhouettes and shadows of the scenes that do not fully belong to the world that is given to us in perception. Egor’s work depicts the scenes of an individual’s encounter with the unknown, be it in familiar or unfamiliar objects, scenes or circumstances. His artistic manner combines a strong academic foundation with a contemporary influence and the compositional approaches of traditional art, especially that of Japan.

Egor has studied in Camberwell College of Arts, Goldsmiths and King’s College London. His works were exhibited in multiple solo and group shows, such as “An Encounter“ (Riga, 2022), “Young Contemporaries” (London, 2019), and XI Young Painter Prize Finalists Exhibition (Vilnius, 2019). Egor’s art is included in private collections in the United States, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Sweden and Russia, as well as in the collection of Noewe Foundation in Lithuania.

Selected Exhibitions


• An Encounter (Riga, Latvia) [Solo]

• Lewben Art Foundation Collection (Seoul, Republic of Korea) [Group]


• Exhibition 1.1 SAMO (Riga, Latvia) [Group]

• Group Show at Shrine NYC (Virtual) [Group]


• Some Ghost Stories (Riga, Latvia) [Solo]

• Con-Non-Con (Riga, Latvia) [Group]


• Young Contemporaries (London, United Kingdom) [Group]

• Timespace Discovery (Riga, Latvia) [Group]

• Orbit UK Graduates Show (London, United Kingdom) [Group]

• Camberwell Degree Show (London, United Kingdom) [Group]

• P2 (London, United Kingdom) [Group]


• New Camberwell Art (London, United Kingdom) [Group]

• AAF Hampstead (London, United Kingdom) [Group]

• Over Capacity (London, United Kingdom) [Group]


• Siltais Zimulis (Riga, Latvia) [Group]


• Riga Art Fair (Riga, Latvia) [Solo]


• Alef (Riga, Latvia) [Solo]


• 2020 – 2021 — MA Arts & Cultural Management, King's College London (London, United Kingdom)

• 2019 – 2020 — MFA Fine Art, Goldsmiths College (London, United Kingdom)

• 2016 – 2019 — BA (Hons) Painting, Camberwell College of Arts (London, United Kingdom)



• Домская площадь с Алисой Орловой, 10.01.2021, 9:05 (Rus)

• Memes un spoku stasti – divu jauno makslinieku otras izstades (Lat)

• Молодой художник Егор Буймистер: «Каждая история любви — это история привидения» (Rus) 

• Freelancer of the month -  Pixie Tan and Egor Buimister  (Eng)

• Made in Arts London: Rising Stars (Eng)

• Dailes teatri bus makslinieku grupas 'Pasiva dekadence' rikota izstade 'Siltais Zimuls' (Lat)

• Килобайт культуры: Тот самый Буймистер, решивший стать художником (Rus)


Cathedral in the Pines: Enduring portraits of Latvian contemporary artists (Dailė/Art)

Souls by the Sea: Fleeting scenes of Latvian contemporary art (Dailė/Art)

• Zuzeum: The Discovery (FreeCity Riga)

After the End (Jezga)

Greatly Exaggerated, Saved for Later (The Epiphanie)

We Will All Die by the Sun (FreeCity Riga)

For I understand thine age-old sadness: Spirits, Soviet Underground art and practices of radical distrust (The Epiphanie)

Kabakov “Not Everyone Will Be Taken Into the Future” (The Epiphanie)

Notes on the First Riga Biennial of Contemporary Art (BLOOME Magazine)

“Book of Nineteen Nocturnes” by Jim Holyoak (BLOOME Magazine)

Art Publications

• ARTIT Issue 12 - Portraits & Figures (London, United Kingdom)

• Sober Magazine Issue 3 (Online)

• Kekargalvis / Hydra Head (Popper Publishing, Riga)

• SE5 Magazine, Issue 1: Talent (SE5 Magazine, London)

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