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Individual works

This section presents my artworks which are not combined in any conceptual series. They sorted in chronological order from the most recent to the oldest ones.


The category includes both paintings and drawings.



Ceramics is a way of meditation for me. For now I solely focus on applied arts here, making cups for tea ceremonies.


The objects are placed in natural environment because they are its continuation, not very different from stones, wood or bones.

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Great Ceremonial Fire.jpg

Distant Lights: Travels and Observations

The series Distant Lights, inspired by 

Book of DisquietPortuguese poet's 

Fernando Pessoa’s “factless biography”, and W. G. Sebald’s book Rings of Saturn, is an attempt to create an account of spiritual travel around Baltic lands.


This is an homage to the country and its chthonic, deeply mysterious spirit.


River Melodies

This small series of works is meant to represent four seasons of a year, united in a ritualistic cycle of contemplations.


Here each drawing references certain historic fact, piece of art or spiritual event. 

OLD_7655 2.jpg

Universal Themes

This is a collection of drawings made on different thematic occasions: from religious experiences to teenage love, popular music and art history.


Universality is understood here as a young artist's mean to enter into dialogue with the previous tradition, an act of diving into culture.



My first conceptual series of artworks, including mostly black ink on paper drawing made under impression of early 20th century literature and art, especially Jorge Luis Borges, Ezra Pound and Max Ernst.


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